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Directional Drilling

Example Part Number – Flat Pilot Bits

Part No.DV6B744ST

Part Description:

Directional Pilot bit, Vermeer, ¾ ” thick, bent, 7 hole, 4½” wide, step type carbide bit

Style of BitRig ManufacturerThickness of BitStraight or BentHole Pattern

(# of Holes)

Width of Cut
(Position 1)(Position 2)(Position 3)(Position 4)(Position 5)(Position 6&7)
D Directional

V Vermeer™
D Ditch Witch™
C Case™
O Other
5 5/8”
6 6/8" (¾")
8 8/8" (1")
125 (1¼")
S Straight
B Bent

Made in all bolt configurations

and sizes for all manufacturers.

30 3"
34 3½"
40 4"
44 4½" (4 4/8")
50 5"
60 6"

Type of Bit (Position 8&9)

  • SS Steel Bit
  • SH Square Hardfaced Bit
  • VHF Vermeer™ Hardfaced Bit
  • TH Triangle Hardfaced Bit
  • XTHF Extreme Taper Hardfaced Bit
  • CF Carbide Finger Bit
  • ST Step Type Carbide Bit
  • CT Chevron Type Carbide Bit
  • TT Tracker Type Carbide Bit
  • SC Serrated Carbide Bit
  • CB Conical Carbide Bit
  • ATHD All Terrain Carbide Bit
  • XTHD Extreme Taper HD
  • XTC Extreme Taper Conical
  • XT01 Extreme Taper with Segments
  • V1 Small Diameter Carbide Coverage
  • V2 Regular Carbide Coverage
  • V3 Complete Carbide Coverage
  • C3 Cobble Bit
  • V2 Mini Small V2 with Regular Carbide Coverage

Types Of Directional Drilling

Pilot Bits

SS Steel Bit, SH Square Hardfaced Bit,
VHF Vermeer™ Hardfaced Bit, TH Triangle Hardfaced Bit, XTHF Extreme Taper Hardfaced Bit, CF Carbide Finger Bit, ST Step Type Carbide Bit.

Reamer Bits

550 Bits / Block, Flat Cutter Bits, Undercutter Bits, POXX Bits.

Roller Cone Bits

Available in a sealed bearing or journal bearing bit. Sealed bearing bit requires periodic additions of grease while journal bearing automatically compensates for this.
Available with jets and no center hole. We recommend a medium formation
carbide bit.

“To order, please contact the factory”

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