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Directional Drilling – Pilot Bits

SS Steel Bit

Economy bit for compacted soils and clays.

SH Square Hardfaced Bit

Standard carbide hardface enhances life in
compacted soils, clays, and cobble.

VHF Vermeer™ Hardfaced Bit

Suitable for cobble, clay, and compacted soils.

TH Triangle Hardfaced Bit

Good in cobble, chunk rock, as well as clay. Steep taper improves penetration and steering.

XTHF Extreme Taper Hardfaced Bit

For compacted soils, light rock, and cobble.
Allows for better penetration and steering in these environments.

CF Carbide Impregnated Finger Bit

Carbide hardfaced fingers heat treated for long life and faster penetration in clay, sand, and soil. Fingers peel clay where conventional cutters ball up.

ST Step Type Bit

Excellent bit for toughness and abrasion resistance in soft formations such as dirt, gravel, and shale.

CT Chevron Type Carbide Bit

Designd for tougher drilling conditions in medium hard formations such as caliche and shale.

TT Tracker Type Carbide Bit

Pilot bit where carbides track each other on opposite sides for maximum penetration and faster cuttings removal in soft and medium formations.

SC Serrated Carbide Bit

Bit is well suited to clay, sand, soils, and soft rock formations.

CB Conical Carbide Bit

For hard compacted soils and sedimentary rock as well as caliche and sandstone. Uses capped carbide cutters to improve rock fracturing and production.

ATHD All Terrain Carbide Bit

Long lasting, all purpose bit designed for use in a variety of soils, including sandstone, chunk rock, and hard soils. Radius head minimizes drag. Side carbides enhance cutting and extend life.

XTHD Extreme Taper HD

This bit is good in hard soils, soft rock, and some medium rock formations. It is designed for better penetration.

XTC Extreme Taper Conical

Designed for drill head to stay on grade and allow for improved steering.

XT01 Extreme Taper with Segments

V shaped taper allows for better penetration and steering.Conical carbides enhance durability in chunk rock and cobble. Special DHF hardfacing extends life over normal chunky carbide hardfacing.

V1 Small Diameter Carbide Coverage

Good product for soft formations like sand, soil or clay. Ideal for conditions that require grade maintenance.

V2 Regular Carbide Coverage

Large ballistic carbides for more difficult cutting conditions than V1.

V3 Complete Carbide Coverage

Complete carbide coverage for soft and medium rock conditions.


Designed for cobble with steep taper nose for better penetration and steering and complete carbide coverage for longer life.

V2 Mini

Available in 3 & 3 ½” diameter with large ballistic carbides for smaller, lower HP machines.


Steep taper bit that utilizes conical carbides for longer wear. Steep taper allows for better penetration but is not recommended for harder formations


Similar to our Serrated carbide bit (SC) but uses conical carbides for penetration and wear.


Same as our ATHD except uses slightly larger ballistic carbides and is completely hardfaced along face of bit body.

Side wear control can be customized.

Side Wear Protection

Standard Carbide Hardface “HF” is used on our hardfaced bits and on many of our bits for side wear.

Special Hardface – “DHF” is a specially formulated smooth hardface that is more durable than our standard hardface.

“HD” bits utilize flat carbide along the side walls of the pilot bit instead of hardfacing to reduce wear.

“CHD” bits utilize conical carbides to reduce wear and enchance cutting action.