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Auger Drilling

BD, BDA, and BDC Drill Heads for Angular Drilling

Speed Drilling • Cut Costs in Construction, Mining, Water Wells, Seismograph Work

Types Of Auger Drilling

BD Drill Head

The Blue Demon BD with BD-2 bits is a 3-wing, prop-type drill head that can increase auger drilling rates by 50% or more in soft to medium formations.

BDA Drill Head

The BDA brings all the advantages of the Blue Demon BD to air drilling. It’s a specially designed tool that substantially increases penetration rates.

BDC Drill Head

The Blue Demon BDC Drill Head was developed to drill in harder formation rock with the same shearing action as our BD and BDA Drill Heads.

BD-2 Carbide Bit

BD-2 Bit is precision machined to closest possible tolerances for long, trouble-free service. Its oversized carbide cuts faster—never balls up

Auger Bits

Blue Demon also produces two prong carbide auger bits that can be used as pilot bits or drilling tools in both vertical and horizontal drilling applications.

Auger Pilots

CLAW BIT- These tools are best suited for soft and medium formations. They can be used with air or fluid drilling.

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